Custom mouldings for the restoration industry

We offer a unique service to the restoration and remodeling industries by creating custom mouldings and carved panels to match preexisting parts that have been damaged by fire, flood, sun, time or other means. We can help save you and your clients the headache and expense of having to replace an entire room or house full of baseboard or casing if you only need a limited quantity.


Custom carved panels

With our CNC routing capabilities we are able to recreate hand carved panels as well as almost any type of moulding profile that needs to be matched. Our in-house design allows us to program and test parts and panels for accuracy before machining the final product. Our customers love our attention to detail and we typically provide a sample of the matched piece before beginning production.


Custom moulding

Whether you need a single 8' stick of moulding to match an existing piece or several pieces of the same profile, we can work with your drawings or sample piece to create the perfect match.


Arches, flutes, crown

We can make almost any type of moulding you need to match an existing profile.