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  • What file types can I send you?

    • We prefer .dxf, .dwg , .skp or .bmp however we can work other file types as well.

  • What materials can you cut on your CNC equipment?

    • We can cut almost any solid wood or sheetgoods, aluminum, plastic, carbon fiber, solid surface, ferrous metals or sign material.

  • Can I just bring you a sketch?

    • Absolutely. We can draw practically anything in our Auto-cad program and can even scan your drawing to make an accurate engraving.

  • What is your lead-time?

    • Lead-time varies by the project but smaller jobs can be completed in a week or less. If we need to order material or produce complicated drawings for approval lead-times are usually 2-4 weeks.

  • Can you produce production parts on a regular schedule?

    • Yes. We can work out a schedule for your projects and have parts sent over as they are completed or on a set schedule.

  • Where do you get your material?

    • We source material from a number of local and national wholesale distributors. We have connections for almost any type of wood, plastic, metal or signage material

  • Can I supply my own material?

    • Yes. You are welcome to bring your own material to us for machining. We can even warehouse your material for on-going orders. Just have your suppliers deliver the material directly to us.

How can we help?

We enjoy working with our clients to bring their products to market or simply create the perfect sign for their shop. We also have a substantial supplier network and know many other shops with laser engraving machines, CNC mills and lathes for metal, and other specialty equipment. Give us call to find out how we can help you.